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The Confession

My latest book - Due out Spring of 2022 by Olympia Publishers
Is Dr. Matthew Brooks capable of murdering another human being--for money? 
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My Story

I live in Central Kentucky in the heart of horse country with my husband and faithful beagle. I came to writing later in life after retiring from a career in health care. I finally had the time to pursue my lifelong dream of being an author, so I sat down with my computer and started writing. The first book, SEARCH FOR MURDER, started to take shape. It required several changes and much editing, but I finally finished it. The next step, publishing, was terrifying.  Would others like what I had written - or toss it aside as not worth their time? But, with the encouragement of close friends, I sent it to Amazon's Create Space, now KDP Amazon.  Now, seven books later, I can honestly say I enjoy story telling as much as anything I have ever done and my readers always ask me when the next book will be out.

My two children's books were written for my grandchildren, but I have received pictures from young readers in three states! Robbie, the central character, is a lovable bear cub who learns a few of life's lessons as he grows up in the Great Forest.

 Whether I am writing a mystery or a new adventure for Robbie, I love to explore human connections in my books and always include a twist or two to keep my readers interested.  Thank you for your positive feedback and loyalty.


Search For Murder


Thirst For Murder

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A Fiery Murder

A Trail of Destruction

The Confession

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Robbie Learns To Read

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Robbie Makes A Friend

My Books

Search for Murder

My cousin brought a copy of this book to her son as we visited him. While there, to pass the time, I started reading. I kept turning page after page until we had to leave with only five chapters to go! I could not WAIT to get home and add the book to my Kindle! I understand there is another book to follow this one. Can't wait!

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